Child Loss Resources

First, if you are visiting this page because you have experienced a loss, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to you. Take as much time as you need for yourself to learn how to walk this path. It is my hope I have created a space for you to find useful resources and support in this difficult time.

Child Loss Resources:

Healing Hearts, Baby Loss Comfort:

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope:

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep:

Hope Changes Everything:

Grieving Dads Project:


My Angel, You Are Loved and child loss:

It has been an honor creating a book that works for parents of many walks. Through regular blog posts and updates, I witnessed my friend’s loss of her 16-day-old baby. I was awakened to the reality that child loss does occur. I realized quickly many of us are not experienced in handling such loss and because of this, many often say or do the wrong thing (even when we mean well), or the topic is avoided altogether. I also realized there are very few books available to provide parents and their families with something that says “My Angel, you are here.” My Angel, You Are Loved is unique in this way.  Aside from the book being available in gender specific versions, it begins with a place to write baby’s name and acknowledge their presence. The journal section provides a place to record your individual experience during your pregnancy, as well as document the changes they have made in your life.

While there is nothing in this world that can ever replace your child, this does provide you with something that can be viewed and touched, and says your angel is here, for these angels remain a part of your heart always. Whether this book is something to be treasured personally, or shared with others, it is a book to cherish. It captures the reality that in only a moment, these little angels create everlasting change.

Disclaimer:  Any sites referenced on My Angel, You Are Loved providing products or services, are referenced on this site because they were found to be valuable resources.  We are not compensated for providing their information.

This site does not replace counseling.  If you are suffering loss, and you feel you need help, please contact a professional counselor or mental health care specialist to guide you.