Family and Friends

Helping During a Loss

What do I say?

Healing Hearts addresses the most common, and perhaps the most important question, friends and family of those who have lost are faced with, “What do I say?”  Since learning more about grief, I believe this might the most valuable thing family and friends can do to educate themselves about this subject.  Too many times, we mean well, but say the wrong thing.  I’ve made the mistake of saying and doing the wrongs things because I was nervous and uneducated about how to handle grief.  I hope by providing some of the information I found valuable, I am able to prevent others from doing the same.  Taking just a little time to understand grief, will be of benefit to you and those healing from loss.

How can I help?

Perhaps the most important thing you can do, is listen.  On every site that discussed grief, listening along with acknowledgment of the loss, were both helpful and important to those who were grieving.

Providing meals is also a wonderful way to help take some burden off of those who are suffering a loss.  Family, friends and/or co-workers can participate.   Be sure to check with the bereaved to be sure this would help them.  You can coordinate this online through sites such as Meal Train, or print this Meal Delivery Sign-Up Sheet to post at the most convenient location for family, friends, and/or co-workers who would like to provide a meal. View the meal delivery tips above for more ideas.

Going through any loss is a difficult time for both those involved and those who want to help provide support.  It is a good idea to look into what you may be able to do as well as the phrases or other things you may want to avoid at this time.  Of course, everyone handles their grief in different ways, so asking the appropriate questions to find out what is most helpful can also be a good idea.

Disclaimer:  Any sites referenced on My Angel, You Are Loved providing products or services, are referenced on this site because I found them to be valuable resources.  I am not compensated for providing their information.

This site does not replace counseling.  If you are suffering loss, and you feel you need help, please contact a professional counselor or mental health care specialist to guide you.

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