For Friends and Family

Helping New Parents

It is an exciting time when baby finally joins the rest of the  family at home.  It is also a time of adjustment. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful during this time.

1.  If there are older children, offer to take them somewhere fun.  This makes the older child feel special, and allows the parent(s) to bond with baby, or get some rest.

2.  Set up meal delivery for the new parent(s).  Family, friends, and co-workers can participate.  You can use sites such as Meal Train, or post a sign-up form in a convenient location for those who may want to participate.  Please feel free to print this Meal Delivery Sign-Up Form for your use.

Here are a few tips for making meal delivery a success:

1. Set a delivery time and establish whether the family would like meals left at the door, or if visitors are welcome to stay.

2.  Find out if there are any dietary concerns, such as allergies or food sensitivities.  If they have allergies that may make meal planning difficult for those who want to participate, provide suggestions for recipes or suggest a take out option that would work.

3.  Provide clear directions and a contact number for those delivering food.  Just in case they get lost on the way.  It may be a good idea to provide a cell phone number rather than a home number (just in case baby is sleeping).

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