Pulse Oximetry Screening Saves Lives

Every woman has her own experience with pregnancy.  Whether sharing your story or listening to someone else’s, I believe it is best to remain focused on the positives, and encourage one another.  As mothers, we also benefit from being informed and I truly believe that knowledge is power.

pregnancy journal sarah valeosMy inspiration for this book comes from my experience with my sons, as well as my friend’s son, who was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (also known as Congenital Heart Disease, or CHD).  Children’s National Medical Center states that “…CHD is the most common birth defect.” (“Advocacy, FAQ’s, What is Congenital Heart Disease?”).

This is why My Angel, You Are Loved is also my way of  informing parents about CHD and a simple, non-invasive test called the Pulse Oximeter.  This simple test, which measures the amount of oxygen in baby’s blood, is performed 24 hours after birth, prior to leaving the birthing facility[1].  Right now, pulse oximetry is only mandatory in 31 states. Other states are working towards this goal. All you have to do is ASK for your baby to be tested if you do not live in these states. Detecting CHD early allows for proper treatment with an extremely high success rate.  This leads to improved quality of living, and can be life-saving.

If you have questions about the Pulse Oximeter or CHD and would like further information, please refer to the web link referenced below and speak with your health care provider.  Other links are listed below as well.

1. “Advocacy, Frequently Asked Questions.” Children’s National Medical Center. 2012. http://www.childrensnational.org/PulseOx/FAQ.aspx. 13 March. 2012.


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